• A Midsummer Night's Dream
    • A Midsummer Night's Dream

    • ISBN(10碼): 1411403614
    • ISBN(13碼): 9781411403611
    • 作者: William Shakespeare
    • 出版社: Spark Publishing
    • 出版日期: 2007年01月01日
    • 美元 定價:5.95元  二手最低價:$100
    • 已絕版
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  Love is in the air. Or is it only a magic spell? This story takes place in the woods at night. But these are no ordinary woods. They are full of magic that makes people fall in love.

  But there's a huge magic mix-up, when the wrong man is put under the spell. Is it an honest mistake or a dirty trick? Only Puck knows. Who's Puck? He's a bad little creature who loves a good joke. Go ahead. See what trouble he cooks up!


莎士比亞 (William Shakespeare, 1564-1616),生於英國史特拉福鎮(Stratford-upon-Avon),英國文藝復興時期(English Renaissance)著名演員、劇作家與詩人。 生平創作極豐,共留有兩篇長篇敘事詩、一百五十四首十四行詩和少數雜詩,以及三十七部震撼舞台的戲劇。這些作品的內涵深刻、藝術價值極高,使莎翁成為傳世不朽,帶給世界文壇無限影響的偉大文豪。


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